Want a Spectrum Voice Remote for Seniors? Try This.

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With more than 32 million customers in 41 states, Spectrum is a leading cable operator in the United States. If your aging loved one is among them, you may be asking the question on many customer minds: “Does Spectrum cable have a voice remote?”

The answer: In 2024, there is still not a Spectrum voice remote.

Voice remotes are common among many other cable and satellite TV providers, including Comcast Xfinity, DISH, and Optimum. 

Does Spectrum Have Voice Remote?

An executive from Charter Communications (the company that owns Spectrum) recently spoke about the shortcoming at an investor conference, saying that Spectrum doesn’t have a voice remote because it was focused on integrating its various acquisitions.

“That wasn’t our number one priority, and it’s probably the piece that’s lacking,” he said.

That’s too bad because voice remotes are an increasingly popular way to operate the TV, especially for seniors. 

Why Seniors Love Voice Remotes

A voice remote can make the TV easier for seniors to operate, especially people with visual impairments, cognitive declines, and dexterity challenges. 

“There is a bias that seniors don’t use tech. But seniors are consumers — of smartphones, smart speakers, and voice-enabled TV remotes. We will see more use of Wi-Fi sensing, smart cameras, and video doorbells – voice-enabled. It is such a compelling user interface for seniors with arthritis,” according to Jennifer Kent, VP Research at IoT market research firm Parks Associates in a recent report on the State of Voice-AI and Older Adults [pdf]. 

With a voice remote, seniors can press a single button and get right to their channels instead of trying to navigate multiple small buttons or confusing on-screen interfaces. And they don’t have to remember channel numbers - they can simply say “NBC.”

Does Spectrum Have a Voice Activated Remote?

So where does that leave your aging loved one who would like a Spectrum voice remote?

They could wait it out, though the Charter exec didn’t give a timeline for when will the Spectrum cable voice remote be available.

Or, instead, they could get JubileeTV, which will give them a voice remote for Spectrum cable right now.

JubileeTV is a remote caregiving system that simplifies TV for older adults and makes it easy for family, friends, and caregivers to stay connected and provide support. The system seamlessly integrates with Spectrum’s cable services, unlocking helpful features, including much-desired voice control functionality. 

Your loved one’s TV source devices, including a Spectrum set-top box, streaming players such as Roku, and a DVD/Blu-Ray player, connect via HDMI to the The Hub You can connect up to four HDMI source devices.

By connecting The Hub to their existing Spectrum TV setup, seniors can access a user-friendly interface with a simple TV favorites menu and take advantage of the best universal voice remote for seniors. 

There you have it: The Spectrum voice remote we’ve all been waiting for. 

The JubileeTV Voice Remote for Seniors

We designed JubileeTV’s voice remote with seniors in mind. The simple layout with a dedicated voice button makes it easy for seniors to navigate and control their television using only their voice. 

They also don’t need to use any special phrase like “Alexa,” or “Hey Google,” before speaking into the remote. 

They can change channels, adjust volume, and switch between source devices and apps such as cable, Netflix, and their DVD player by simply saying the channel name, number, etc. 

Using the JubileeTV universal voice remote for seniors, they can say things like:

  • “Channel 11” or “Hallmark Channel” to change channels
  • “Netflix” will switch to Roku and open the app 
  • “DVD player” will switch to the DVD player
  • “Mute” or “Volume up/down” to control volume

Now seniors can embrace the power of voice technology without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. 

Bonus: How to Get Text Messages on the TV Screen

One in three U.S. adults over 65 says they prefer a text to a phone call, according to a 2021 study about tech-savvy seniors. Honestly, same.

For some seniors, texting can be challenging due to small type, the small screen, and confusing apps. 

JubileeTV brings text messages to the TV screen.

In addition to using the JubileeTV voice remote to control their Spectrum experience, seniors can also use the remote’s voice-to-text feature to compose and respond to text messages from their TV.

As a family member, you can use The App on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to send chat messages and photos directly to your loved one’s TV. 

Messages pop up on the screen, and the older adult can use their JubileeTV voice remote to respond.

It’s a fast and easy way to keep in touch and let your aging loved one know you’re thinking about them. Send a quick reminder, or share helpful information.

Summary: A Universal Voice Remote for Spectrum Customers

JubileeTV enhances the television experience for seniors by offering a simple, intuitive, and accessible voice remote for Spectrum cable customers.

By seamlessly connecting with Spectrum, JubileeTV allows seniors to effortlessly change channels, control their TV, and switch between Spectrum cable channels, streaming apps, and DVD players for a more inclusive and engaging entertainment experience. 

And, as a bonus, seniors can use their JubileeTV voice remote to send text messages from their TV screen to your smartphone. 

We’re dedicated to supporting seniors by ensuring they can fully take advantage of technology, such as voice control, in a way that is easy to use.

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