No more tech battles with your parents' TV

JubileeTV is about spending less time troubleshooting and more time together. It's about giving them control and giving you the tools to make sure they're supported.

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Stop Worrying About Missed Shows & Missed Connections

Imagine helping with their TV without even leaving your house! Share precious photos and videos right on their screen, and have real conversations face-to-face. JubileeTV makes it all easy, so you can spend less time fixing problems and more time staying connected.
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Key Features

<p><strong>App-based TV Control</strong></p>

App-based TV Control

See what they see on their screen and control everything, right from your phone. It means fewer frustrating calls and trips, but just as much love.

<p><strong>Easy Video Calling</strong></p>

Easy Video Calling

Place a video call right to your loved one's television from your phone and see them in their living room, or use AutoConnect to connect automatically.

<p><strong>Activity Feed</strong></p>

Activity Feed

Tune into your loved one's TV routines without intruding and get notified if they don't follow their usual schedule. It's independence for them and peace of mind for you.

<p><strong>Media Sharing</strong></p>

Media Sharing

Share short videos and photos to your loved one's TV to keep them engaged and turn their TV into a digital photo frame.

The Hub

The Hub

Connecting The Hub to Mom's television makes things easier for her and brings your family closer. With a few taps on your phone you can give her just the right help whenever she needs it.

The App

The App

Designed for families, The App makes it easy to check on your elderly loved ones, help with their TV, and keep in touch, all from your phone. 

How We're Different

JubileeTV turns your aging loved one's TV into a powerful support and connection tool. Here's why it's the best choice:

<p>Easy to Use</p>

Easy to Use

No confusing new gadgets or complicated tablets. Seniors simply use the TV they're comfortable with. Video calls, photos, and reminders automatically appear on their largest, loudest, most familiar screen.

<p>Fix the TV Faster</p>

Fix the TV Faster

JubileeTV is the ONLY technology that lets you see your loved one's TV screen in real-time and take full control. Fix TV issues, change channels, and guide them through settings effortlessly – it's like being right there with them.

<p>Unmatched Reliability</p>

Unmatched Reliability

Rest easy knowing you can always reach your loved one through their TV. JubileeTV has the unique ability to turn on any TV automatically for video calls and important messages.

<p>Non-Intrusive Visibility</p>

Non-Intrusive Visibility

Only JubileeTV offers insights into your loved one's routine through their TV usage. Gain subtle insights into their routines through TV usage and receive alerts if something seems unusual.

1 App-based TV Control

Use The App to jump in if your loved one needs extra support & see a real-time view of what’s playing on their television.

2 Senior-Friendly Voice Remote

Change channels, switch sources, adjust volume and more - just ask.

3 Passive Mode for Dementia

Enjoy JubileeTV's essential features without your loved one having to learn a new remote or interface


Remote control, redefined

JubileeTV gives your loved one the confidence to enjoy their favorite shows. With remote support features, you can quickly fix issues, ensuring their TV experience is always hassle-free.

1 Video Calling

Video Calling

2 AutoConnect

Automatically turn on the TV and connect a call when it's critical. 

3 Video Sharing

Share short video clips right from your phone - a great way to let mom know you care.


Loneliness ends here

No complicated apps or confusing gadgets. JubileeTV's simple video calls, photo sharing and messaging mean your loved one is always just a button press away from smiles and conversation.

1 Reminders

Give your loved one a gentle nudge of care to support their independence - great for medical appointments, daily household tasks and more.

2 Automated Actions

Program JubileeTV to automatically turn to a channel at a set time.

3 Activity Feed

Get real-time insights into your aging loved ones' daily television habits.


Know they’re okay

Understand your loved one's daily rhythms with TV usage patterns and optional moments captured in photos. This gentle awareness lets you start supportive conversations and ensure their well-being.

Thousands of Families Trust JubileeTV


"This product is amazing!!!!!!!!! For every friend or family member who has elderly parents who have trouble managing their TV!!! No more driving countless hours driving to their house or trying to help them on the phone! Easy to set up, wonderful support….thanks Victor….wish everyone finds this."

Hal A., JubileeTV Member

Wonderful - Only product I could find to remotely control TV

"I've been caregiving for my bedridden dad for 2 years. His only entertainment is TV, but memory issues made the remote too hard to use. My old solution was complex, but JubileeTV SIMPLIFIES this process so much! The drop in webcam is a huge added bonus, as we can drop in using an Echo Show, but screen is so much smaller. Seeing my face and talking via video chat with no needed interaction on his part is invaluable. It relieves many anxious moments, with him being able to see and talk to me. I feel for anyone caregiving for an older relative, that has issues controlling the TV, this is perfect. "

Michael, JubileeTV Member

Best purchase EVER!!!!

"My homebound visually impaired parents live 4 miles from me. I had to go to their home multiple times a week to fix channels or reset cable options. I was losing my mind! Then I found the Jubilee system. Truly an answer to my prayers. They also struggle to hear on phone even with hearing aids, but now can talk to my brother through video call. This has given me freedom and joy. The creators of this product deserve a Nobel Prize!!"

Amy C., JubileeTV Member

Game changer for people with dementia

I cannot stress enough how wonderful Jubilee TV is!!! My dad has dementia and no longer understands how to use a remote. I live 30 minutes away, work full time, and I can't always get over there to turn the tv to the right channel. Now, I can do it from my phone!!! It makes me happy knowing that for a few hours he is happy watching the St. Louis Cardinals. I am NOT tech savvy but with the help of tech support I was able to hook up the system with no trouble at all! I would give 100 stars if I could!!!

LT, JubileeTV Member


"Bought for our parents so we can call/video chat on their TV as they no longer know how to use cell phone or computers :( It has auto connect so they don't have to do anything, and it returns them back to their show."

Lisa, JubileeTV Member

Great TV assistive device!

"This device is the only way we can stay in touch with our 87 year old, mostly deaf mom. Messaging and video chats with total control from our end are the key advantages over other senior assistive devices."

M. Sanders, JubileeTV Member

I can't tell you the difference this has made in Mom's life!

"Her dementia symptoms are remarkably better since we implemented the Jubilee box. It has helped her recall, her vocabulary, her ability to follow storylines and retain short and long-term information. It has given her a sense of independence and pride within her small community."

Eric L., JubileeTV Member

It has been amazing!

"I recently got this for my 70 yr. old brother who is legally blind and has some memory issues. Now I can just call him and ask what he'd like to watch and tune it in for him. And tech support has been wonderful."

Theresa S., JubileeTV Member

How It Works

Connect The Hub

The Hub is the hardware that is attached to your loved one’s television. It contains the voice remote, web camera and console that connects up to four devices, including cable box, streaming player, and DVD player.

Link The App

Once you’ve linked The App to The Hub, you’ll be able to control Mom's TV remotely and invite family and friends to video call, send photos and videos & much more.

Be There Anytime

Now you can easily support your loved one wherever you are. As a JubileeTV Member you'll enjoy access to phone, email & chat support staffed with a team of friendly experts ready to help if you need it.

Why TV?

Because connection shouldn't be complicated.

  • It's familiar and easy: Seniors already know how to use a TV, making it less scary than new gadgets.
  • It's for everyone: The big screen and clear sound make it easy to see and hear loved ones.
  • It's already there (and on): TV is the most used technology for seniors, so it's a natural place to connect.
  • It keeps things simple: JubileeTV puts video calls, photos, and reminders right on the TV, so there's no need to learn new apps.

The JubileeTV Membership

Empower yourself with the tools to provide effortless remote support and stay connected with your loved one.

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited Connection: Video calls and media sharing directly to their TV
  • Remote Support Made Easy: Fix TV problems and adjust settings from anywhere
  • Expert Guidance: Get personalized setup help with our Virtual Install
  • Family-Wide Access: Everyone can connect through the easy-to-use app
  • Peace of Mind: Premium support and ongoing feature updates
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By the numbers

See how JubileeTV is simplifying life and strengthening
connections for families everywhere.

<p>Save Time</p>

Save Time

70% of families use Telescope to help with the TV at least 1x/week

<p>Connect More</p>

Connect More

40% of seniors video call at least once a week

<p>Gain Peace of Mind</p>

Gain Peace of Mind

75% of families opt for alerts about changes in TV routine

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Try JubileeTV Free
Try JubileeTV Free
Take the short quiz below to see if you qualify for the JubileeTV Free Trial.
Take the short quiz below to see if you qualify for the JubileeTV Free Trial.

We value your privacy

We value your privacy

Your loved one's JubileeTV experience is both secure and private. You have the power to choose who can access the system and to what extent.
Your loved one's JubileeTV experience is both secure and private. You have the power to choose who can access the system and to what extent.

Questions & Answers

What is JubileeTV and how does it help me care for my loved one?

JubileeTV is a simple TV-based system that makes it easy to stay connected with your aging loved one and provide remote support when they need it.

How is JubileeTV different from video calling on a phone or tablet?

JubileeTV uses their familiar TV, so there's no new technology to learn. Many families find the TV is more accessible for elderly loved ones with vision or hearing impairments, cognitive decline, or dementia. Plus, you can troubleshoot their TV and share photos and videos directly to their screen.

Does my loved one need to be tech-savvy to use JubileeTV?

Absolutely not! JubileeTV is designed specifically for seniors of all abilities. Families are using Jubilee in a variety of settings including aging-in-place independently at home, assisted living, and memory care communities.

What if my parent doesn't want a new remote?

JubileeTV is designed to be incredibly user-friendly for seniors, even those who struggle with technology. Here are a few options to make it work for your parent:

  • Keep Things Familiar: With our Passive Mode feature your loved one can continue using their existing TV remote to change channels, volume, etc. JubileeTV won't interfere with that.
  • Simplify with the JubileeTV Voice Remote: We include a simple remote designed with seniors in mind – voice control, clear labels, and only the essentials.
  • Family Takes the Lead: You can control everything from the JubileeTV App. This means your loved one can go completely remote-free or you can jump in when they need it.

Does JubileeTV replace their cable subscription?

No, JubileeTV does not replace their cable subscription. It's designed to work alongside their existing cable and/or streaming services. JubileeTV provides a completely different experience, focusing on features like:

  • Easy video calls with family and friends
  • Sharing photos and memories directly to their TV
  • Controlling the TV remotely
  • Simple reminders and medication alerts
  • A way to check in without interrupting their TV time

Think of JubileeTV as adding a whole new dimension to their TV experience, focused on connection and support rather than just entertainment.

How quickly can I set up JubileeTV?

JubileeTV setup is surprisingly fast – think minutes, not hours. We provide a step-by-step guide and clear instructions on your TV screen to make it super easy. Every membership also includes personalized setup support and ongoing assistance from our friendly team.