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Before JubileeTV: Mom finds TV confusing, she feels left out, and it’s tough to know if she needs help. After JubileeTV: TV is effortless, mom’s not alone, you’re there to help when she needs it, and you can finally rest easy.

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Are you worried about your aging loved one feeling overwhelmed by technology and disconnected from the family?
Are you worried about your aging loved one feeling overwhelmed by technology and disconnected from the family?
Give Mom the support she needs and enjoy peace of mind you crave. In one simple click you can fix any TV problem, put on a show, or make a video call that starts automatically on Mom's TV. 

Using the screen that's most familiar Mom can: 
  • Enjoy her favorite shows with a simple Voice Remote  
  • Connect through video calls & photos
  • Get help with her TV
Real Families, Real Impact

Best purchase EVER!!!!!

My homebound visually impaired parents live 4 miles from me. I had to go to their home multiple times a week to fix channels or reset cable options. I was losing my mind! Then I found the Jubilee system. They also struggle to hear on phone even with hearing aids, but now can talk to my brother through video call. This has given me freedom and joy."
Amy C., via Amazon review

I can't tell you the difference this has made in Mom's life

"Her dementia symptoms are remarkably better since we implemented the Jubilee box.”
Eric L., JubileeTV customer

Thank you for making it seamless

"My mother is 91 and her mind is slipping. Jubilee is a great addition that allows us to let her see not only us, but her great grandkids. It is extremely helpful for her mental health."
Richard C., JubileeTV customer

Great TV assistive device

"This device is the only way we can stay in touch with our 87 year old, mostly deaf mom. Messaging and video chats with total control from our end are the key advantages over other senior assistive devices."
M. Sanders, via Amazon review

Life changing Product

"I was constantly on the phone with my mother trying to explain how to get to her show, or going over and helping her in person. I now can change channels, find shows, and communicate with her. It has ended so much frustration for both of us!"
Carey, via Amazon Review

It has been amazing!

“I recently got this for my 70 yr. old brother who is legally blind and has some memory issues. Now I can just call him and ask what he'd like to watch and tune it in for him. And tech support has been wonderful.”
Theresa S., JubileeTV customer


"Bought for our parents so we can call/video chat on their TV as they no longer know how to use cell phone or computers 😞 It has auto connect so they don't have to do anything, and it returns them back to their show.”
Lisa P., JubileeTV customer

A must for elderly parents!

"This system has been a life saver! My mom has dementia and would push random buttons on the remote and really have it messed up. With Jubilee and my smart phone I can get the TV to any program she wants! My siblings can also video call through the TV. Highly recommend in caring for the elderly!"
JubileeTV customer via Amazon Review

The Jubilee Difference

<p><strong>Fix Mom's TV, without the drama</strong></p>

Fix Mom's TV, without the drama

With our patented technology you can see what's on the screen and control everything like you're right there in the room. Fewer frustrating calls and trips means more time to enjoy each other.

<p><strong>Be there without being there</strong></p>

Be there without being there

Turn your parents' TV into a source of connection the whole family can use to make sure your loved ones never miss a moment.

<p><strong>Peace of mind from near and far</strong></p>

Peace of mind from near and far

Rest easy knowing your loved one is safe and well. Get insights into your loved one's TV routine without intruding on their independence.

<p><strong>Easier for Mom is easier for you</strong></p>

Easier for Mom is easier for you

Let Mom enjoy her entertainment her way. JubileeTV makes TV easy for seniors and allows them to stay connected without tech-complexity.

The Hub

The Hub

Connecting The Hub to Mom's television makes things easier for her and brings your family closer. With a few taps on your phone you can give her just the right help whenever she needs it.

The App

The App

Designed for families, The App makes it easy to check on your elderly loved ones, help with their TV, and keep in touch, all from your phone. 

Stress-free Setup

Everything you need is in the box. If you'd like, hop on a quick call with an Install Pro and they’ll make sure everything is working perfectly for you and your loved ones.

Connect The Hub

The Hub is the hardware that is attached to your loved one’s television. It contains the voice remote, web camera and console that connects up to four devices, including cable box, streaming player, and DVD player.

Link The App

Once you’ve linked The App to The Hub, you’ll be able to control Mom's TV remotely and invite family and friends to video call, send photos and videos & much more.

Be There Anytime

Now you can easily support your loved one wherever you are. As a JubileeTV Member you'll enjoy access to phone, email & chat support staffed with a team of friendly experts ready to help if you need it.

1 App-based TV Control

Use The App to jump in if your loved one needs extra support & see a real-time view of what’s playing on their television.

2 Senior-Friendly Voice Remote

Change channels, switch sources, adjust volume and more - just ask.

3 Original Remotes Work, Too!

Let your loved one use our simple voice remote or stick with their familiar one.

Remote control, redefined

JubileeTV takes the hassle out of navigating the TV, with controls designed for your loved one's ease. If they need a hand, you can take control (and see the screen in real time, no more flying blind).

1 Video Calling

Video calls automatically pop up on your loved one’s largest, loudest screen and they use their Voice Remote to answer or decline.

2 AutoConnect

Automatically turn on the TV and connect a call when it's critical. 

3 Video Sharing

Share short video clips right from your phone - a great way to let mom know you care.

Simple tech, happy hearts

Keep loneliness and social isolation at bay 
with easy-to-use communication features that make sure your loved ones always feel close and cared for.

1 Reminders

Give your loved one a gentle nudge of care to support their independence - great for medical appointments, daily household tasks and more.

2 Automated Actions

Program JubileeTV to automatically turn to a channel at a set time.

3 Activity Feed

Get real-time insights into your aging loved ones' daily television habits.

Tune into daily rythms

See when the TV turns on and off, remote control use, and get optional photo snapshots at those moments. Noticing unusual patterns? This becomes a springboard for a gentle conversation or check-in video call.

The JubileeTV Membership

Stay connected and able to provide remote care to your loved ones with your ongoing Membership. 

  • Access to all JubileeTV features
  • Unlimited video calling & photos
  • Free Virtual Install with a JubileeTV Pro
  • App access for your entire family
  • Connect multiple TV in the home (hardware sold separately)
  • Premium phone and email support
  • Continuous software updates with new features
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JubileeTV in action

With JubileeTV, members are finding
new ways to offer support and
stay in touch, turning everyday
moments into meaningful connections.

Save Troubleshooting Time

Families save an average of 4 hours per month by helping with the TV remotely

Deepen Family Connections

3.5 family members are connected per senior, on average

Reduce Social Isolation

40% of seniors receive at least 1 video call per week

Rest Easier

70% of seniors have at least 1 family member receiving TV Activity alerts