JubileeTV for Senior Living

Set your community apart.

Offer your residents a better TV experience while giving families an easy way to stay engaged and involved, even when they’re not physically nearby.

Why EDs Love JubileeTV

Attract & Retain Residents

Differentiate your community and attract new residents with HIPAA-compliant technology that fosters family engagement and connection.

Build Trust & Transparency

Empower families with direct access to their loved ones, fostering peace of mind and demonstrating your commitment to quality care.

Enhance Well-being & Engagement

Foster a sense of community and belonging with easy access to entertainment, communication, and personalized care.

Features that will make TV your community’s secret weapon

Features that will make TV your community’s secret weapon

Simple TV for Seniors

JubileeTV makes it easy for your residents to enjoy their favorite entertainment with a senior-friendly voice remote, simple TV Favorites menu, and a streamlined on-screen interface.

Easy Video Calling

Families and staff can place video calls directly to resident TVs from any phone, tablet or computer. Approved contacts can use AutoConnect to automatically start a call without any intervention from the senior.

App-Based TV Control

Family and staff can help with TV troubleshooting and operation from anywhere in the building or the world. They can see a real-time view of what’s playing on the resident’s TV, control power and volume, change channels, put on a show, and more.

Activity Feed

Give families non-intrusive visibility into the residents’ TV routines through their TV usage. For added peace of mind families can opt to receive alerts if something seems unusual.

Media Sharing

Families can share photos and short videos directly to their loved one’s TV to keep them involved and engaged throughout the day. Turn the TV into a digital photo frame of family photos.


Families can contribute to caregiving by setting reminders to appear on residents’ TV.

With JubileeTV families can help more. And we have receipts to prove it.

Activity Notifications


of seniors have at least one family member receiving notifications about the senior’s daily routines.



of families provide remote TV assistance at least 1x/week



of families video call their older loved one at least 1x/week.



of seniors use voice at least 1x/week.

How JubileeTV Works for Your Community


Offer JubileeTV as a Premium Amenity

Integrate JubileeTV into your community's offerings, highlighting its value for both residents and their families.


Easy Family Opt-In

Families can easily purchase JubileeTV using your unique link.


Everyone Wins

Families enjoy enhanced communication, peace of mind, and a stronger bond with their loved ones.Residents experience increased engagement, reduced isolation, and a richer quality of life.Your community receives a financial incentive for each family that opts in, creating a win-win scenario.

Real families really love JubileeTV

“We kept asking the staff to turn on Dad’s tv, change the channels, and turn off tv. It was a HUGE problem continuously calling the staff. We were so stressed, since we wanted dad to have the ability to watch TV.

This device has literally changed our life. Yes, it changed our stress level and it seemed like a miracle to us.”

E. Freund via Amazon

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