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We all know that maintaining a close bond with our elderly family members is crucial, yet often complicated. Whether it's tech hurdles, the challenges of remote support, or just the guilt and worry that comes with distance, staying connected can feel like a daunting task.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that JubileeTV—the game-changing remote caregiving system—is now available on BestBuy.com. Talk about making it easy to provide support and bring JubileeTV into your home!

Bringing JubileeTV Home Is a Breeze with BestBuy.com

Purchasing JubileeTV has never been more convenient thanks to BestBuy.com.

As a trusted retailer, Best Buy offers you the flexibility to get JubileeTV delivered right to your doorstep or to pick it up in-store.

The choice is yours! And here's a bonus: if you find the product isn't a fit for your family, you can easily return it in-store.

No hassle, no stress—just another way we're making it easier for you to stay connected with your loved ones.

What Best Buy Customers Are Saying About JubileeTV

Curious to know what other families think of JubileeTV?

Don’t just take our word for it—check out these authentic reviews from Best Buy customers who've made the smart choice to simplify their lives and strengthen their family bonds.  This is a taste of what our reviewers have to say. Visit the JubileeTV listing on BestBuy.com to see additional reviews.

A great way to stay in touch

Since we moved out my mother’s house we visit her when we can but we do not message much because she is not tech savvy.  Our mom did not grow up with smart phones or streaming devices but now we are able to help her out from far by using the JubileeTV from Caavo, it  is the perfect solution for that as well as  staying in touch.

I first took everything out of the box to check what was inside and it comes complete, with the JubileeTV Hub, User guide, Jubilee TV Smart Plug, Web Camera, HDMI cables, IR Blaster, and extra accessories. 

I made the appointment to get the system installed and it was easy, Andrew helped me install it over the phone and it took thirty minutes to do so from scratch.  I think my mom could have installed it with Andrews help.

Once installed, JubileeTV is easy to use, the notifications are easy to see and understand, and it shows not only what the notification are but also the options on what to do with it.  For example when I send her a message, she can choose to reply or perhaps call and the buttons that appear on the screen have the same color as on the remote. 

Taking video calls, if my mother wants to call one of us, she can choose who to call and since there are big pictures with whom the person she is trying to call, it makes it easier to do so.  And again the buttons are also easy to choose.

The application was easy to download and install, and the invitation gets sent via email to do that.  The app is user friendly and easy to navigate.  Near the top I can choose to make a video call to my mother, auto connect video call and message so I can stay in touch with her and also my other siblings.   Next it has manage all photos, I can upload photos and my mother can see them on her TV

The next option is something else I like, stay in touch, it shows a calendar and I can choose for the app to remind me to stay in touch, by video calling her, send her a message or a photo, I also like personal reminders, if my mother does have to be reminded of certain things; the app reminds her of that certain thing. 

Favorites is just that, what are her favorite channels or programs

Contacts; here I can see who got the invite and who has activated their account to stay in touch.

Telescope: this is important because my mother does not know how navigate with the streaming device I gave her, so I can control the TV to choose either a movie or any series she can watch without her taking a long time to find it.

The last thing on the app is daily check in, if enabled, when she starts watching TV in her routine, she can see a notification with a big plus sign in green to let us know she has checked in, she does not have to individually have to let us know, the app lets us all know.

Overall I like the JubileeTV, it is a great way to stay in touch and also help someone that is not tech savvy like my mother, I like how easy it is for her to contact us and how easy it is for me to help her find something she wants to watch on her TV.

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Be there without being there

My immigrant parents are from the generation from before color TV. They've worked their entire lives and the internet age has literally materialized before they realized they've grown gray. I am constantly on the phone trying to explain things to them over the phone and between the language barrier and their failing vision it is an exercise in mental exhaustion for both of us. Having access to see what they are trying to describe or read one of the best ways of being there while being miles and miles away.

Everything came packaged thoughtfully and well labeled. I was surprised the cables seemed so beefy and appears to be high quality. Hooking everything up was simple and the instructions were very easy to follow. The Jubilee is an all in one solution which provides you everything you need in the box.

An appointment was made with support to get the system setup. I was running late while stuck in traffic getting to my parents house. When the support tech called me; right on time, and asked me if it was a good time, I explained I was 20mins out from getting to my destination and he said 'no problem, we'll call you back in 30' so I can get settled in and setup. Sure enough, I got another call promptly in 30mins. Setup was simple and the tech walked me through the basic settings. All in took about 15mins to get up and running. The tech was patient and courteous and made a somewhat inconvenient need to have to talk to support operator pleasant. Pretty seamless setup and everything just worked without any drama.

The cord was cut and my parents really only use a FireTV Stick but they don't always know what apps to look for when I recommend a show to them or they want to look for something specific. Being able to log into their TV and find what it is they want or maybe interested in is invaluable. The added benefit is that they can see what I'm doing as I control  it so they can hopefully figure it out the next time. The interface isnt cluttered and is plainly simple for them to use features like being able to see the weather, watch TV or reach out to me or my siblings and see their grandkids on their larger TV as opposed to their small phone screens. Because the TV is hooked up to a good sound bar they can hear us loud and clear instead of the tinny phone speaker. I especially like the fact that I can call in, initialize a video call and activate the camera without input from my parents. So I can make sure they are OK. There is a shade that can be put down if they don't want us snooping. Although we have some other cameras throughout the house so it's not a huge deal for them or us. The call from the TV is loud enough to hear from anywhere on the second floor. The video quality is about what you would see from your average zoom call and the latency would be about the same. But it is definitely a great feature to have over just being able to control the TV. My siblings and I all have access now and we can check in or be reached from their TV to our phones whenever they may need us.

If your not always around but still want to be there for your less than tech savvy loved ones, the Jubilee TV can help you help them with the added benefit of visual communication.

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Why JubileeTV?

 Simply put, JubileeTV addresses all the hurdles that make staying connected so complicated.

Gone are the days of seniors having to navigate complex TV settings just to get to their favorite shows.

JubileeTV simplifies the TV experience, with easy-to-use voice control and a TV remote that doesn't require a War & Peace-length manual.

Not just that, the built-in video calling, messaging, and photo sharing functionalities allow for seamless communication, reducing that sense of isolation many elderly people feel.

The best part?

You can set reminders and get notifications, offering you peace of mind without overbearing monitoring. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

Unique Features That Make the Difference

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes JubileeTV stand out:

  • Two-Way TV Communication: Video calls aren't just for smartphones and laptops anymore. With JubileeTV, the big screen brings big smiles.
  • Control TV Remotely for Elderly: Gone are the days when tech hassles were a barrier to a simple 'hello'. Control and support your loved ones' TV remotely.
  • Daily Check-Ins and Reminders: Because we could all use a nudge every now and then. And when that nudge helps ensure your loved ones are doing okay, it’s even more meaningful.

How to Get Your Hands on JubileeTV

Ready to bridge the gap and make tech work for you and your family? Simply head over to the JubileeTV listing on BestBuy.com and place your order.

Choose between convenient delivery to your doorstep or in-store pickup—whatever works best for you!

Wrapping It Up

In today’s world, staying connected shouldn’t be hard. JubileeTV, now available at Best Buy, makes it incredibly simple.

So go ahead and keep those family ties strong. Because with JubileeTV, you’re not just buying a piece of technology; you’re investing in moments that matter.

Here's to more smiles, more conversations, and fewer worries. 🥂

Order JubileeTV on BestBuy.com today and take the first step towards simpler, more meaningful connections.