Your Aging Parent Can Still Live Independently. Here’s How!

Your Aging Parent Can Still Live Independently. Here’s How!

Watching a parent grow older is a unique experience. As they move through their golden years, you may find yourself moving from the role of the child to that of the caregiver and person they depend on for support.

Being a support system often means allowing your parents to maintain their independence and their quality of life while ensuring they’re still safe and supported. It’s a tricky balance. 

Even though your aging parents may need more assistance, they don’t want to feel coddled. They want to feel capable of going about daily life without constant hand-holding.

There are some easy ways to maintain their sense of autonomy. 

We’ve gathered a few tips to help you provide your parents with the best care while keeping their independence top of mind.

Safety First

As older adults may tend to spend significant time at home, it must be a safe space, free of any dangerous areas.

Making home modifications is a surefire way to ensure the safety of your parent’s home and feel confident that they can maneuver around without issue. 

Start by looking for any tricky stairs, step-in tubs, cluttered corners, and even dark areas that could use some updating. Adding handrails to bathing areas, an automatic stair chair, making sure all walkways are clear, and all areas are well-lit is a great way to set your parent's home up for success!

Look to Technology

Modern technology made specifically for aging adults is one of the best ways seniors can live independently but still feel connected to family and supported if any issues arise. 

If you’re looking for a tool that will allow your parent to easily watch their favorite shows, video call, and receive messages and pictures from the family on their big TV screen, you may want to check out Jubilee TV. 

Made to simplify the TV experience for your aging parents, the JubileeTV Hub comes with an all-in-one voice remote that allows aging adults to avoid dealing with tiny buttons and use the voice remote to get from Netflix to the Hallmark Channel. 

And for those needing a little extra TV assistance, the JubileeTV App allows approved family members and caregivers to remotely control the TV, adjust the volume, navigate streaming apps, or change the channel. 

You can also use the app to set reminders about taking medication or doctors appointments. Reminders will  pop up on the TV screen automatically without you having to call to remind them. 

With JubileeTV, older adults can stay in touch with their loved ones and receive remote assistance from family members without compromising their privacy or space.

Staying Mobile & Active

Probably the biggest adjustment elderly parents have to make is stepping away from the wheel, and into the passenger seat. Seniors may struggle to run errands or make social visits without the ability to drive themselves. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Check to see if any safe public transportation options are available in their area. It’s one of the most affordable and simple ways for seniors to get around on their own- plus, it’s an excellent way for them to get out in the community. 

If they aren’t a fan of public transportation, there are other options like ride-share services. Uber, Lyft, and GoGoGrandparent are easy-to-use, reliable options that don’t require much physical effort for your parents. GoGoGrandparent provides vetted and monitored transportation services to get seniors groceries, meal deliveries, and of course, rides to wherever they need to go with just a quick phone call to 1(855)464-6872.

Community Matters

To ensure your parents live their best independent life, check in to see if they’re receiving all the social support they need to feel connected and happy! 

With the ease of JubileeTV, family members can video call the television from the mobile app and pop in on the senior’s TV to catch up whenever they want. Since the calls appear on the TV screen, seniors won’t have to worry about visibility or hearing issues as the calls come in loud and clear!

For the senior who wants to engage with people in their community, look into local senior or community centers that offer activities for the aging population. Senior centers and community centers like the YMCA usually offer senior swimming classes, dance classes, and other experiences that allow mingling and exercise!

Helping aging parents maintain their independence can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with the right tips and resources, you can make a big difference in their lives! Remember, small changes can have a big impact, and there are many people and organizations available to help. By focusing on safety, accessibility, assistive technology, and social support, you can help your aging parents stay active, healthy, and connected.

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