Tips for Helping An Aging Parent Feel Less Lonely

Tips for Helping An Aging Parent Feel Less Lonely

Talking with family and spending time with our favorite people is one of the easiest, and best ways, to maintain social connections and feel fulfilled.

Without our loved ones showing up for us and keeping us company, our lives would definitely be a lot less exciting. 

As our loved ones enter their golden years, it can be easy to forget how important social interaction is for them and how little they may be receiving it.

That’s why prioritizing their emotional wellbeing and sense of connection to family and friends is essential, especially to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Facilitating meaningful connections for our aging family members may feel challenging, but there are some easy ways to ensure they’re receiving all of the social interactions needed to lead quality lives!

Embrace Technology for Seniors

In this modern day and age, there are so many tools available that bridge the digital divide between family members and make connecting with aging loved ones effortless.

And for families living far apart, or for those who have busy schedules, virtual communication is one of the best ways to keep in touch with an older family member. 

One of the innovative tools families are loving is JubileeTV, which is an easy-to-use TV-based remote caregiving system. Instead of requiring your loved one to learn new technology, JubileeTV works with technology they’re already comfortable using -- their television! 

With JubileeTV’s simple voice remote for seniors and The Hub, which connects to their source devices such as cable boxes, streaming devices, and DVD players, older adults can easily message and video call family with just a few clicks of their remote.

Family members can use the JubileeTV App to engage in conversations or calls that will appear directly on their older loved one’s TV. You can also help control the TV remotely if your loved one needs a little extra support.

The simplicity of JubileeTV ensures that your older family members can maintain regular communication without ever feeling overwhelmed!

Schedule a Virtual Get Together

You know the warm feeling you get when you spend time with your favorite people? That’s how our older family members feel when they get to enjoy the whole family together! 

These days, visits don't have to be reserved for holidays and special events.

Why not host a weekly or monthly virtual get together to keep your elder loved one in the loop and make sure they are receiving a healthy dose of family love (and attention). 

Simply open the JubileeTV App and start a call whenever you'd like. Perhaps a morning coffee date, or a happy hour chat. Whatever suits your family best!

Using JubileeTV's Stay in Touch feature, you can even set-up reminders for your video calls to make sure you never accidentally forget to call. 

Seeing their favorite people and creating cherished memories during these gatherings will undoubtedly uplift your loved one’s spirits and help them feel connected and loved.

Encourage Engaging Hobbies & Activities 

For those moments when the family isn’t around, encourage your aging loved one to seek out fun hobbies or activities that will give them the opportunity for social interaction.

Look to their local senior community center or even a general community hub like the YMCA, for fun activities other older locals may join.

Things like knitting, swimming, tai chi, yoga, and even dancing are the perfect activities for seniors to not only stay mentally and physically fit, but to also make some new friends. 

Websites like, have a plethora of 55+ and senior groups that host weekly or monthly meetup events for anyone looking to mingle and participate in a specific activity. Since Meetup groups are typically local to your area, your loved one won’t have to go very far to socialize and have some fun!

Above All, Show That You Care

Of course, the best antidote for someone feeling left out and lonely, is to be shown love and support from the people closest to them! 

Make it a priority to show your aging loved ones that they are cherished and valued. Take the time to have meaningful conversations, actively listen to their concerns, and offer emotional support on a regular basis. 

Using technology like JubileeTV is a wonderful, and often-times life changing, way to show your aging family member love and support, no matter where they are.

Small messages to check-in, video calls, and sharing photos and videos of the grandchildren will go a long way to brighten their days and ensure they feel included in your day-to-day.

By caring for their emotional and mental well-being, you can make a tangible difference in their emotional well-being and fill their lives with warmth, connection, and joy! 

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