5 Ways to Simplify TV for Seniors

It's no secret that many older adults absolutely love and cherish their TV. As a demographic that watches almost 5 hours of TV daily, they rely on television to keep them entertained, informed, and to feel connected to the outside world.

Since watching TV is a daily staple for many seniors, it's important that experience is enjoyable and frustration-free. Unfortunately, using the TV isn't always a blissful experience for seniors, from wrong inputs to tiny buttons and confusing TV interfaces.

If you have aging parents or grandparents, the call for TV support may be all-too-familiar. Luckily, there's new TV-based technology that's on your side, ready to save you gas and time, and keep everyone's frustrations at bay.

Best Ways to Simplify TV for Seniors

1. Control the TV, from Anywhere

Say goodbye to leaving the comfort of your home to help your parents change the channel or unmute the TV! With the Telescope feature in the JubileeTV App, you and other approved contacts can see a real-time view of what's playing on your parent's TV and operate the TV wherever you are.

This virtual remote allows you to do anything you can do with the regular JubileeTV voice remote. Change channels, play a DVD, switch inputs, open Netflix and start a show, or even turn up the volume, all without having to physically be there with them.

Not only is this convenient for you as the caregiver, but your parents will be thrilled to not have to wait for you to arrive to help with the TV.

"To be able to turn on the TV, choose the station and not have my mom need any kind of a remote, has been so sweet," said one Jubilee TV customer who purchased Jubilee for her 89-year-old mother. "My mom now enjoys her nights and shows. The frustration is completely gone with Jubilee TV."

2. The Power of Voice Control

If your parents struggle with small buttons and multiple complicated remote controls to operate the TV, they're not alone! Many older adults, especially those with cognitive, visual, or dexterity challenges find it challenging to use a standard cable TV remote.

Enter voice control.

With a single button, they can access everything they need, from changing the volume and channels to switching to their favorite streaming service or DVD player. They can even get the latest weather forecast just by saying "weather" into their voice remote.

Using voice control is easy. Simply hold down the microphone button on the Jubilee TV remote control and say an app, channel name or number, like "Netflix" or "TCM" or "Channel 5." JubileeTV will find the app or channel and go there.

3. Senior Remote Control for TV

Dealing with multiple remotes for the TV, cable box, and streaming device is frustrating, especially for older adults who may have trouble keeping track of the different gadgets.

Thankfully, JubileeTV's voice remote simplifies everything by controlling power and volume and providing easy access to all your TV programming, whether it's cable/satellite, Netflix, or YouTube.

Older adults can use JubileeTV's senior remote control for TV to turn on the TV and switch between their favorite shows and movies without having to fumble around with multiple remotes.

An all-in-one remote eliminates the stress and confusion that comes with trying to keep track of remotes, not to mention changing batteries, making TV watching a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

4. TV Favorites, All in One Place

We all have our favorite things, whether it's our guilty-pleasure dessert or a morning news program we can't miss. For seniors, having easy access to their favorite TV channels and programs makes life a little easier.

The TV Favorites feature for JubileeTV gives seniors easy access to the channels, streaming services, apps, and devices they use most often, all in one place on their TV.

To access TV Favorites, simply press the Guide button on the JubileeTV remote or select the TV Favorites tile from the JubileeTV home screen. This brings up a simple screen showing favorites you've added.

Loved ones can set up TV Favorites from The App, or the senior can do it from their TV.

5. A Crystal Ball for Replacing Remote Batteries

There's nothing more frustrating than settling in for a night of TV watching, only to discover that the remote control isn't working because the batteries are dead.

With JubileeTV, loved ones receive a notification in the app when remote batteries are running low. This feature makes it easy to replace the batteries on your next visit to your parents, so they won't ever have to wonder why their TV won't turn on.

TV is an important part of seniors' lives, so making their TV experience easy and seamless can have an outsized impact on their happiness.