Adding Voice to Your Loved One's Cable Remote Control

Wishing your loved one had the ability to use voice control with their cable TV, or just an easier way to access the cable content they watch most frequently? You're not alone! Many cable and satellite remotes are confusing for seniors, and can be difficult to use for anyone with hand dexterity issues.If you're seeking a simpler, more intuitive way for your loved one to navigate their cable experience, JubileeTV may be the solution.

A One-of-a-Kind TV-Based System

JubileeTV is a revolutionary TV-based remote caregiving system that combines voice control, all-in-one remote functionality, and seamless communication features, made specifically with seniors in mind.

With JubileeTV, your loved one can finally bid adieu to those tiny buttons and complicated menus that come with their cable remote. The easy-to-use JubileeTV voice remote for seniors, gives them the power to take control of their entertainment with just their voice.

Imagine they can sit comfortably on their easy chair, press one button, and say, "Hallmark Channel", "Channel 215", "Netflix", or "Blu-Ray player" and voila! JubileeTV will tune to the channel or switch to the right app or device without any hassle.

While the JubileeTV Hub doesn't provide any programming, it connects to your loved one's existing cable or satellite box, their television and any other streaming devices. They only have to use one universal voice remote to control their entire home theater and can use voice control to navigate between devices as well.

Add Video Calling to Your Loved One's TV

JubileeTV goes beyond being just a universal remote for cable and streaming services for seniors. It's also a gateway to helping seniors easily stay connected with loved ones.

With video calls on TV and chat messaging features, seniors can effortlessly communicate with family, friends and caregivers right from the comfort of their TV, using their JubileeTV voice remote to answer video calls and messages.

No need to hunch over a smartphone or struggle with tiny screens. They can grab a cup of tea, settle into a favorite chair, and have a heartwarming video chat with grandkids or send a quick chat message to catch up on the latest gossip.