Introducing Passive Mode for a Simpler TV Experience

We understand that technology can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for older people with dementia or other cognitive challenges, or those who simply prefer a more familiar TV experience.

Passive Mode is our solution - a streamlined version of JubileeTV that makes it easier than ever for your loved ones to enjoy their favorite shows and stay connected with family.

What is Passive Mode?

Passive Mode is a new feature that allows you to enjoy JubileeTV's essential features without your loved one having to learn a new remote or interface.

With this dementia technology you can easily control your loved one's TV, see what they're watching, and start video calls right from your phone.

And the best part? They don't have to change a thing. They can use their regular remote or even watch TV without one.

Why Choose Passive Mode?

Passive Mode is designed with specific needs in mind:

  • Individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias or cognitive decline: Passive Mode eliminates JubileeTV menus and interactions except for AutoConnect video calls, to minimize confusion.
  • Those with difficulty using remotes: Your loved one can continue using their existing remote or even go remote-free, maintaining a sense of familiarity and independence.
  • Anyone who prefers a familiar TV experience: Keep things simple and comfortable for those who dislike change or find new technology daunting.

How Does Passive Mode Work?

Passive Mode prioritizes simplicity and ease of use:

  1. No New Remotes: Your loved one can stick with the remote they already know and love or go remote-free.
  2. Familiar TV experience: Passive Mode eliminates JubileeTV menus and interactions except AutoConnect video calls, preserving the familiar TV experience your loved one is accustomed to.
  3. Simplified Setup: Connect just one source device (cable/satellite box or streaming player) for a streamlined experience.
  4. Peace of Mind for You: Stay connected and informed through the JubileeTV app (now called Telescope). You can control the TV remotely and monitor their viewing habits with the Activity Feed.
  5. Effortless Video Calls: AutoConnect makes video calls incredibly easy - no need for your loved one to initiate them.

What Features Are Available in Passive Mode?

Passive Mode offers a curated selection of JubileeTV's most beneficial features:

  • Telescope (Remote Control): You have full control of the TV through the JubileeTV App and can see what's playing on their screen.
  • Activity Feed: Get insights into your loved one's daily TV routines.
  • AutoConnect Video Calling: Stay connected with easy-to-start video calls. When the call ends, the TV automatically resumes what was previously playing.

Things to Know about Passive Mode

Passive Mode simplifies the JubileeTV experience. Here's what to expect:

  • You can only connect one source device. If you have more than one source device connected to your JubileeTV Hub, you'll need to remove the other devices. Note: you should keep the source device that provides access to your loved one's preferred programming, like a cable/satellite receiver OR a streaming device like Roku.
    • The JubileeTV remote cannot be used to control the TV in Passive Mode. However, the microphone in the JubileeTV voice remote is used for video calls, so make sure it's accessible or secured nearby.
    • Any account admin can enable Passive Mode - this will limit functionality for all accounts linked to your loved one.
    • Some JubileeTV features have limited functionality in Passive Mode, including Favorites and Contacts. Both of these features are available in the JubileeTV App, but are not accessible from your loved one's television.
    • All other JubileeTV features are disabled in Passive Mode including Chat, Reminders, Photo/Video sharing, and photo slideshow. These features can be restored by switching to Full Feature mode.

    How To Activate Passive Mode

    • Make sure you have the latest version of the JubileeTV App. First, click the three dots in the top right corner, select "Manage My Account." Scroll down, and you'll see the version number near the bottom of the page, right above the "Save Changes" button. For iOS, go to the JubileeTV App listing in the App Store. You should see the same version number under "What's New" - if not, go ahead and update the App. 
    • Hit the back button to get to the home screen. Then click the three dots again to access Settings.
    • Select "Usage Mode."
    • Choose "Passive Mode."

    If you need to remove a device before activating Passive Mode, here's how:

    • Hold down the microphone button on the JubileeTV remote, and say "Settings". Or open Telescope in The App and type "Settings" into the "Type command" field
    • Navigate to "Devices"
    • Select the device you want to remove, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Embrace Simple TV with Passive Mode

    We believe that technology should enhance our lives, not complicate them.

    Passive Mode is a testament to our commitment to making JubileeTV accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

    If you have a loved one who could benefit from a simpler TV experience for seniors, we encourage you to try JubileeTV with Passive Mode and discover the difference it can make. 

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