Bringing Back Mom's Joy with JubileeTV

Eric's mom moved into a new place after her stroke.

She was safe, but not the same. 

She had lost her usual spark. 

The TV was on, blaring shows she had no interest in.

“She was bored and listless and her mind was not engaged,” Eric says.

The New Normal Post-Stroke

Eric wanted to help. 

He tried to find shows she would like, but the TV system was too hard for her to use. 

Even when he was there, it was confusing.

“The TV system was so confusing that even I was having trouble setting it up for her.” 

He missed how they used to enjoy movies together. 

The stroke had changed her.

"After the stroke, I thought we had lost her forever.” 

A Glimmer of Hope

Watch Eric explain how JubileeTV changed everything for his mom:

Then Eric found JubileeTV. There was an immediate change.

She was happier. She was more engaged. And she had more control over life and her choices.

"I am really amazed at her progress since 6 months ago."

These days, his mom calls him around 2 pm with her movie selection for the day - usually a Busby Berkeley musical. 

Her new friends come over to her apartment for the “film festival” to watch together. 

Eric uses the JubileeTV App to start the movie on her TV from his phone.

She always calls him after to talk about the movie and give her review.

“It has helped her recall, her vocabulary, her ability to follow storylines and retain short and long-term information,” Eric says.

It has given her a sense of independence and pride within her small community.”

Reclaiming Joy

Could this happen for someone you love? 

Health issues like strokes and dementia or just getting older can be hard. 

Struggling to access entertainment can amplify the loneliness. 

Could your loved one feel happy and connected again? JubileeTV might be an answer.