TV Video Calling for Seniors? Here's How!

Have you ever wished your aging parents could make video calls from their TV?

Video calling on TV with friends and family is a great way for seniors to keep in touch. The TV is the largest screen with the loudest speaker in the house, not to mention the technology is super familiar.

For many older adults, video calling on TV is a better option than many of the alternatives.

There's video calling with things like Facetime on a tiny, hard-to-see phone that they have to remember to charge. Nah.

Or Zoom, which can be overwhelming to learn. Pass.

It's clear video calling from the TV would be easier for most seniors ... but why isn't it more common?

It's because there was no easy way for seniors to make and receive video calls directly on the TV, until now.

JubileeTV is a remote caregiving system that allows older adults to use familiar TV technology to connect with their family and friends. With JubileeTV, older adults can use their remote control to make and answer video calls on TV.

For the senior, there is no new apps or technology to learn.

Answering an incoming call is as simple as pressing a button on their remote. And the experience for family members is equally simple using the JubileeTV App for iOS, Android, or web.

How to Make Video Calls from TV

For seniors, JubileeTV only requires that they have a television, a Wifi connection, and a cable/satellite box or streaming device to get started.

JubileeTV acts as the connection between the senior's TV and their loved ones. The JubileeTV Hub includes a console that connects to the television, a small web camera, and a simple Voice Remote that they use to watch TV, accept video calls, and interact with other JubileeTV features.

How Does Video Calling from TV Work?

After The Hub is connected to the senior's TV, their family, friends and caregivers use the JubileeTV App on their smartphone, tablet, or computer to interact.

Family can initiate video calls from The App, or seniors can start a call from their television using JubileeTV's senior-friendly universal remote.

Only approved contacts are able to video call the senior on their television, so there is no risk of scammers or spammers.

When a family member calls the senior from The App, the call will ring on their television. If the television is off, JubileeTV will turn it on and start a chime to alert them they have a call.

JubileeTV will prompt the senior to answer the call by pressing a button on their JubileeTV voice remote.

JubileeTV will always ask your loved one if they want to turn the web camera on before the call starts, respecting their independence and dignity (and so they can make sure they're camera ready!)

After the TV video call begins, your loved one will be able to see the caller on the TV screen, and the caller will be able to see your loved on on The App. One nice thing is the web camera is a nice wide-angle, so you can see a full view of the senior in their environment rather than a close up of only their face (looking at your Facetime!).

To mute or change the volume of the call, the senior can use their voice remote or the family member can adjust using the TV controls from The App. Pretty neat, huh?

Now it's easy for seniors to enjoy making video calls from TV, without fussing with a small phone screen or complicated new technology!