Enhance Connection & Care with Activity Feed

Keeping an eye on the well-being of your aging loved ones while respecting their independence just became more manageable with JubileeTV's latest feature: the TV Activity Feed.

This tool is designed to connect you more closely with your family members, offering real-time insights into their daily TV habits with minimal intrusion.

Here’s how the Activity Feed can benefit you, making it easier to stay connected and proactive about the care of your loved ones.

Understanding the Activity Feed

The Activity Feed serves as a window into the daily TV usage of your elderly relatives.

This feature includes several key components:

  • Daily Summary: This function allows you to quickly view the times the TV was turned on or off, along with remote usage patterns.
  • Check-in with Ease: Spot unusual patterns, like the TV remaining off during typically active hours? Initiate a video call to ensure everything is alright.
  • Custom Alerts: Tailor alerts to keep you posted about TV usage patterns, helping you stay informed of your loved one's routine without being intrusive.
  • Snapshot for Peace of Mind: For additional reassurance, set the camera to capture a photo of the room when the TV is turned on or off. This visual check-in offers comfort without overstepping.

How to Access Activity Feed

Getting to the Activity Feed is straightforward.

  1. Open the JubileeTV App.
  2. On the home screen, you'll find an option indicating the location of the JubileeTV Hub, like "Living Room."
  3. Simply tap the right arrow next to the room name to get a summary of recent activity.

Please remember, the Activity Feed is exclusive to account Admins.

iphone screenshot of jubileetv actvity feed

Why Activity Feed Matters

The new TV Activity Feed not only helps you monitor the well-being of your loved ones but does so in a way that respects their independence. It keeps you connected and informed, ensuring peace of mind, regardless of distance.

With this new feature, JubileeTV continues to blend technology with care, making it easier than ever to support your aging family members while honoring their autonomy.